A Source of Economic Time Series Data from Inforum, at the University of Maryland

This is the home page for the EconData service of Inforum, at the University of Maryland. Several thousand economic time series, produced by a number of U.S. Government agencies and distributed in a variety of formats and media, can be found here. Data has been put into a standard, highly efficient, easy-to-use form for personal computers and made publicly available through this site. These series include national income and product accounts (NIPA), labor statistics, price indices, current business indicators, and industrial production. The EconData Contents page contains a more complete list of the series covered. The EconData Archive page contains U.S., State and Local, and International databanks that have not been updated for several years. These series are all in the form of banks for the G regression and model building program.

A summary of G's features can be found here. A full G7 Manual , and also Clopper Almon's Craft of Economic Modeling, can be used as online references.

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